Recive one 2oz jar of each of the Signature Butters or option to try a sample pack of our Fall Collection.



Signature Butters

Whipped Cocoa Butter- contains 100% pure Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Jojoba oil. 

*hydrates skin, great for healing scars, and evening skin tone.

Lemon Pound Cake- contains 100% pure Mango Butter, Coconut oil and Jojoba oil, Lemon essential oil and Vanilla essential oil. 

*Perfect for daily hydration, lightly scented, and whipped to perfection.

Wellness Butter- contains 100% pure Kokum Butter, Sweet almond butter, Sweet Almond oil, Euculyptus, and Rosemary essential oils.

*ideal for therapeutic massages, hydrates the skin, and great chest rub to open passage airways.

Unscented Butter- (No Scent) Contains 100%  pure Kokum Butter, Sweet Almond Butter, and Sweet Almond Oil.

This unscented blend is a great moisturizer for sensitive skin, providing all the nutrients your skin needs to stay hydrated.


Fall Collection:

Sweet Amber- is a warm, sweet and woody perfume blend that puts you in the mood for fall and exploring the pleasantries of nature.
Peaches N' Cream- This sweet & scrumptious peach scent will ignite your senses and have you craving more after each application. Perfect for daily moisture,
Twilight Woods- lightly scented and suttle perfume fragrance thats isn't overpowering but you know it's still there.

Cinnabon Shea Butter- Fresh out the oven with the frosting on top!! Cinnabon Shea will have you smelling like a warm endulge! 

Sample Pack